Showreel 2011

A showreel of some works made from 2000 to 2011 all over Europe.

BackStage Calvin Klein

2014 - BTS filmed for the

Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry 2015 Campaign

with Kim Woo Bin and Anna Jagodzińska

2015 - A short clip of a corporate training video about the making of a dress shirt in a very large factory in Dongguan China, for the staff of one of the largest retail chains in the United States.

Production company: Mediaboxproductions

Director: Kees van Es

Corporate video

Filming the expedition “Revival Trophy 2013” in South America.

A month-long expedition with 6 Land Rover through Argentina and Chile from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, for “Adventure Experience” on the very famous "Ruta 40"

Revival Trophy Patagonia 2013

2015 - Filming the expedition "The Karst". With Cherry Ngan.

We explored one of the world's largest karst systems in Guangxi, southern China. We are down to 600 meters of depth, in one of the most remote and pristine place on Earth. The huge underground cave system gave way to the expedition to be the first in the world to film dives into waterways that travel for kilometers in one of the oldest mountain ranges

The series of three episodes is set to air on TVB Jade on September 2015.

Production company: Zocalo Cultural Development 

Director: Alan Lau, second director: Pui Ching Lock


Watch here some backstage pics

The Karst

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Previous and Current Clients

Corporate Video

2014 - This is a short version of a commercial video for a

E-learning Center. Six days of shooting in several location between Beijin and Suzhou.

Production company: Zocalo Cultural Development

TV Programs  -  Set

2007 -  Milan, Italy.

Some pictures of the backstage in studio shooting for the fashion TV program SET.

Models chose different outfits and then compete to be the most styled.

Director: Marcello Spizzichino.

Aired on Leonardo Tv - SKY.

TV Programs  -  Fitness

2006 - Leukerbad, Switzerland.

In a beautiful mountain hut at 2350 mt. surrounded by the breathtaking swiss alps, we shot a series of episodes with the multi aerobics world champion Giovanna Lecis for a fitness tv program.

Director: Marcello Spizzichino. Aired on Leonardo Tv - SKY.

TV Programs - Appunti di Viaggio

2005 - Umbria, Italy.

Some pictures of the backstage of the week of shooting for a travel tv program. The explorer, cinematographer, journalist and writer Folco Quilici hosts some of his important friends talking about their past explorations, and the future of the human research.

Aired on Marco Polo Tv - SKY.

2016 - An internal corporate video for Dah Sing Bank in Hong Kong.

Production company: Zocalo Cultural Development

Corporate video

2016 - An interview to Mr. LIU, Yong Ling  and to his son. The man that created the Elite group. The video is an appendix to his biography book.

Production company: Zocalo Cultural Development


In February 2017 I shot with the team "La Rouge Productions" the expedition  "STU OCEAN ROWING 2017" for LI KA SHIN FOUNDATION.

Followig two teams on two R45 ocean rowing boats. They covered 640 Km in 9 days in the Pacific Ocean from Shantou to Hong Kong....

... we followed the expedition from a Chinese Vessel for Research. The expeditin was also a fundraising event for the conservation of mangroves and sea turtules and it marked the first Ocean Rowing event in Asia.

In June 2017 I have directed the first underwater VR360 3D microfilm "The World of Flying Fish". Promoting the first VR contest in HK hosted by HONG KONG CPPCC YOUTH ASSOCIATION for the Hong Kong SAR'S 20th anniversary. Talent: Alex Fong

The best way to experince the video is with a VR set, however you can also watch it simply using your mobile phone.


Click here to watch it.

STU Ocean Rowing

The world of Flying Fish

VR Contest
BTS VR360 Alex Fong
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